Compassionate mental healthcare provided by professionals focused on you.

Who We Are


Our mission is to improve the lives of the people within our communities by breaking down the barriers of access to mental healthcare and alleviating the mental health epidemic while also taking a progressive approach to ending the negative stigma that has plagued mental fitness for too long.


We are committed to you. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality, and professional outpatient therapy that is centered upon your specific needs. We pride ourselves on focusing on each client as an individual, making personalized patient care our priority.


“I joined KindMind because I saw their vision. The emphasis on trust and support in building relationships as the foundation of quality patient care convinced me that KindMind is the future of mental healthcare.”

– Dena Schwartz, LMSW

Core values

Be the support

Lend your hand, welcome vulnerability, and never give up. Be the change that our community strives for.

Communicate with transparency

Communicate openly and clearly with others. Seek to foster trust and open collaboration. Listen for what others need, embrace feedback, and aim for improvement.

Build a relationship

Respect and appreciate one another. Focus on trust and help others to help themselves by providing support and positivity.

Strive for autonomy

Lead yourself and your peers towards a path of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Think long-term and help others to find the balance and freedom they deserve.

Be present in the moment

Fully experience today and be mindful of everything you do. Focus on what you can change here and now to set the stage for a brighter future.

Live with authenticity

Keep your actions and words consistent with your beliefs and values. Be genuine, be yourself, and be real with integrity.