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Simply put, our people come first. We prioritize the well-being of our team members as a fundamental principle of KindMind. This commitment includes making substantial financial investments in our therapists future and offering industry-leading compensation while still maintaining reasonable caseload expectations. It includes clear growth paths for career advancement and the flexibility you need to live your life and avoid the risk of compassion fatigue or burnout so that your work-life balance is balanced. Our commitment fosters a positive, empowering culture with a team-oriented foundation and a supportive, inclusive environment driven by our values – a culture that places our employees at the forefront of the spotlight as our true leaders.

Our primary goal is to ensure our team's satisfaction, as we firmly believe that fulfilled employees produce exceptional work and deliver better client care. At KindMind, we understand the essential role our people play in our clients' well-being, and we are dedicated to fostering an environment where they can flourish, ultimately contributing to our clients' prosperity as well.

We hire therapists who embody our core values. Working at KindMind is an opportunity to work with like-minded individuals who share our passion of providing the highest quality care and improving the lives of the people within our communities. Get to know the core principles that KindMind is rooted in and how they guide us toward our mission.

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Clinical Training & Support
We don’t expect our therapists to possess all the skills they need to succeed right at day one. We believe in regular, ongoing training and support to promote the professional growth of every employee.

Competitive Compensation
We believe that great people deserve to make a great living. We strive to be a leader on compensation in our market and are constantly reassessing our wages to ensure that our employees are receiving their highest earnings potential.

Health Insurance Benefits
We prioritize the health of our employees and their families to empower the wellbeing of our team by offering robust health insurance benefits, ensuring a secure and thriving workplace.

Ultramodern Facility
Surround yourself in an environment that promotes warmth and comfort in our clean, stylish facility.

Community Engagement
We collaborate with local community members who exemplify our core values and share our passion to achieve mutual goals, deepen our relationships, and draw us closer towards our unified mission.

Team Events
Your hard work deserves to be recognized. Personal relationships are the foundation of our culture so we make it a priority to celebrate our team members’ achievements and milestones together.